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Elliot O’Connor, Frontier

“Annelies’ approach to our founder/investor relationship has been uniquely helpful. She delivers on all the table-stake qualities you’d expect to see in a top-tier investor, for example moving incredibly quickly and making time to understand our business. Where she has stood out is her willingness to take on projects for you as a founder. For example, I asked her if she had insights into how to manage a gig workforce. She came back a week later having interviewed a handful of experts at Uber and Instacart, amongst others, and written in-depth notes spanning several pages summarizing their thoughts. The research was a unique and valuable input into a high-leverage product development decision. I’ve not worked with investors who will devote that much time, and personal effort, to support a portfolio company. Every helpful investor I know has found a valuable and unique service they can deliver to the companies they invest in - I think Annelies knows exactly what her’s is and leverages it relentlessly for her founders.”

Max Nova, NCX

“Scribble has been one of our first and best partners at NCX.  They’ve connected us with great talent, been helpful with fundraising strategy and networking, and have been extremely available and responsive as we’ve grown our company.”

Tade Oyerinde, Campus

“I’ve found Annelies in particular to be relentless going after what she wants — we’re lucky what she wants is for us to be successful. I’ve always been impressed by her speed of action and level of conviction in what we’re doing. 100% would recommend to fellow founder friends of mine.”

Stephen Ellis, Pipeline

“Annelies is always on hand with a resource/intro to help us think through a challenge/opportunity - whether it’s HR, fundraising or b2b with fortune 100 companies.”

Sonny Tai, Actuate

“Annelies has been a joy to work with as an investor. Her enthusiasm for helping founders is genuine and heartfelt, and she is easy to talk to and trust. Annelies also has a far reaching rolodex of talented people in her network; and she has a strong intuitive sense of what type of person would be a great fit for each of her portfolio companies. When we were looking for a Director of Operations, Annelies introduced someone to us who was the perfect fit in terms of capability, culture, and values. We couldn’t be happier to have Annelies on board as an investor, and as a result, I frequently send founders over to her so that they can hopefully benefit from the same working relationship that we have as well.”

“Annelies is a unique breed - her energy and positivity are a refreshing constant, she is a true partner and a great sounding board. She has rolled up her sleeves to help when needed and more than anything, she genuinely cares on a personal level. Annelies is one of those rare investors who actually helps make their companies better!”

Grant LaFontaine, Whatnot

“Annelies is always a text/phone call away and happy to get very tactical in supporting day to day decisions that need to be made - whether that info is readily available or she needs to tap her network to get more input. This has been an incredible enabler of our moving quickly with the right data, and building confidence that our decisions are sound. This response time, resourcefulness, and hustle make her stand out as a go-to across our investor network.”

Dana Kim, Highlight

Grant Brooke, Shara

“Annelies jumps in on important fronts from fundraising to recruiting, putting Scribble’s wide network to work. It’s always a joy to hop on a call, or take a walk with Annelies, and chat strategy and the possibilities of what’s around the corner for us. It’s great to have an investor who’s in the boat with us as a founding team, who is thoughtful, and makes time to really work with us and understand our business. ”

Brittany Brody, TellTail

“Annelies is exactly the type of investor that every founding team should want on their cap table — she is sharp, insightful, supportive, well-connected, and optimistic. Annelies has exceeded our expectations, and has given us key advice in some of our earliest high-impact decisions. She truly feels like a member of our core team.”

Nikhara Nirghin, Rather

“Annelies is one of the few people who truly get my ASAPs. In the middle of a family holiday or on Saturday evenings, she’ll not only take my calls but reply to my messages/emails with equal urgency. Furthermore, Annelies has made a number of key intros in terms of VCs, hires, lawyers etc. These intros have developed into relationships that have formed a vital part of our business. Annelies is a mighty executioner, grateful to have her in my court since day 1!”

Kiara Nirghin, Rather

“Annelies was the first investor who believed in us. She helped make intros and was exceptionally helpful in constructing our pre-seed round. We talk to her on a weekly basis, at least. She is incredibly responsive and always our first call. She referred us our first hire and helped close our first engineer. More than anything, she genuinely cares about us on a personal level. ”

Steven Wang, Dub

“Annelies balances being an empathetic listener with being the consummate hustler - she goes above and beyond on a regular basis and has accelerated our growth at crucial times. I can always count on her to ask the right questions and breaking down challenges I don’t foresee. She’s become one of my first calls: not only is she incredibly easy to communicate with, she is always there ready to help. I can’t imagine being on this journey without her by our side.”

Nico Ferreyra, Default

“Annelies has been one of the most helpful investors on our cap table—she’s a force of nature when it comes to finding ways to help us and has gone out of her way to help us source candidates, connect with potential customers, and recruit early design partners. She’s one of the first people I reach out to personally when I need advice or feedback, and is an incredible sounding board for all things fundraising, GTM, and everything in-between.”

Josh Elkes, Harbour

“Annelies is the rare and invaluable combination of a voracious learner and dedicated doer. She has no ego, while still providing excellent insights in areas where she has deep experience such as market-sizing, hiring roadmaps, and fundraising strategies. Annelies is someone that builds on your ideas and ensures you leave each conversation with more energy than when you arrived. I have not met many people who work harder than her.”

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